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NOW YOU CAN ALSO READ ALL 1960-2000 BACK ISSUES OF SIGNAL MAGAZINES IN ACTUAL SIZE & COLORS as they were printed on paper in those 40 years - over 100 separate issues, 50.000 penpals and photos, collectors, mail order ads, penpal clubs far over from 100 countries, news, editorials...
1960-1969 = 6.500 penpals
1970-1979 = 10.850 penpals
1980-1989 = 16.700 penpals
1990-1999 = 18.400 penpals

Older editorials, i.e. history...
is available from 2018 onwards, FREE of course

Having been publishing the Signal penpal magazine since January 1960 at the age of 16 I've come to a turning point in this publishing hobby... In 58 years the postman has carried nearly 200.000 letters to my earlier box address and to my home office street address. And I've personally packed the printed Signal-magazines into almost 200.000 envelopes and taken them to the nearest post office to send them to you, the readers. The total amount of printed paper Signals is almost 400.000 copies !

The printed Signal magazine - - is a one-man-hobby-business. Every word in all the penpal listings has been written, edited and layouted by just one person, me - Raimo Kaarna. I will be 75 years old at the end of next month, February 24 2018. This older age forces me to reduce my 'work burden' - I have to take it easier. Therefore year 2017 was the last year when the Signal had two different versions -
this web edition on the internet and the smaller one printed on paper.

From 2018 onwards ONLY THE WEB EDITION = WWW.SIGNALPENPALS.NET is available to you, FREE of course.
If you want to get PRINTED SIGNALS you have to print them yourself with your computer and your printer.

Hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world have 'killed' their printed editions and gone entirely into the electronic publishing versions only. I was working in the local daily newspaper called Etelš-Suomen Sanomat - circulation over 50.000 - from 1966 to 1989. My job was to write ad texts, do the lay-outs, take care of ad space marketing and sales, design brochures and circulars, sales letters, keep up customers mailing lists etc. Similar work as with the printed Signal or nowadays with the, and my other websites.

I have stopped my paid subscription to my earlier employer's newspaper several years ago, even though I am an ex-newspaper professional. Anyhow I keep reading four different newspapers - the electronic versions - every day. And it costs to me simply NOTHING, the printed versions of these four Finnish newspapers would cost over 1.000 euros or 1.000 USA dollars yearly.

Keep reading the web edition of the Signal = - it is FREE !
Also your personal penpal listings are FREE, one ad monthly.

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If you speak also the Finnish language look at - my website about my hometown Lahti - 100.000 inhabitants - in Finland.

Happy reading -
Happy New Year 2018
to all the Signal readers

This New Year card is changed hourly
All the cards are from 1900's, 1910's and 1920's and originally mailed to the grand aunties of Signal's publisher, Raimo Kaarna.

Monday April 17, 2017

- a collection of crown caps by
Kimmo and Tommi Nieminen.

Over 67 000 pictures of bottle caps:
beer, soda, cider, water, juice, wine etc.

Thursday January 26, 2017

Fresh new SIGNAL finally printed!

Will start stuffing the envelopes and mailing copies to the advertisers in a few days...
18 pages, 350 penpal ads, all with postal
(= snailmail) addresses.

Buy your copy now, US$ 10 or Euro 10 post paid, banknotes only accepted as payment, in REGISTERED MAIL. Orders to the publisher:

Friday January 6, 2017


Thursday December 29, 2016

Do you speak FRENCH ?

Then you should visit
30 different world cities
via this site

Translate the texts using

Wednesday December 21, 2016


to all the Signal-readers worldwide!

Thursday December 1, 2016

Santa Claus and his brother ?
What ever, Christmas is coming...

Remember your penpals, now is the time to send season's greetings to your friends worldwide. Colorful Xmas cards with lovely postage stamps are welcome by all of us.

Thursday 29 September 2016

I scanned today four pages of the
World Hobbies Bulletin from Korea
and also a few samle pages from the
Czech Pen Friends. They were added to the front page of Collectors around the world want to exchange with you !

Click below to read the ads now !

Wednesday 28 September, 2016

Received today this letter from Brazil...
It was sent on September 14 2016 by
Uillian Frignani Cardozo, the publisher of

It is a fact that internet HAS KILLED 99 % of the printed penpal and collectors papers around the world. Those few publications still issued are fading away, day by day.
Some 30 years ago there were about
one thousand bigger and smaller 'magazines' containing the postal addresses and personal info about the advertiser and his or her hobbies and exchange wants and offers, now the amount has fallen to some 50-100 papers.

I'm going to introduce some fellow hobby publishers by printing a few pages of their magazines under their own name or logo on my website I hope you find this kind of co-operation useful, it will bring more readers and more contacts to the advertisers.

Also a few pages from another Brazilian philatelic magazine, FILACAP June 2016 issue, can be read on Click the two pages to make them readable, the texts BIGGER !!! More swapping contacts for you.

Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

Friday February 6, 2016

Collectors Directory
6,313 collectors

Visit this very fine collectors website now. It surely is worth your visit...

Monday July 14 2014

I received my 50 years old Harting single record player from Germany last week

Found it on German eBay auctions, the price was Euros 55 and postage to Finland was Euros 16,99. A friend was just doing some tinkering to connect it to my stereo systems. Now everything functions properly and I can play the below "not for sale" "disc jockey records" and "promotional records" from WHLM-radio station in USA, mainly from 60's and 70's. Some photos below...

Saturday, June 28 2014

I want to buy this record player with the changer for 12 singles !!!!!

Bought exactly the same player here in Lahti Finland in 1959 when 16 years of age, now I am 71 already. I used to received single disc jockey records in lots of 50-100 different at a time from a friend working in the WHLM radio station in USA, gave good Finnish and foreign postage stamps in return. In all I received far over 1.000 different singles of latest hit music... That's how I got the idea also for my SIGNAL paper established in 1960, still in 'business' on web as and

The needle of my Harting single player got ruined some 20-30 years ago. Tried to find a new one in the local shops, did not succeed. Took the player to a radio shop for repair, no one could help me. Later I managed to loose the entire machine, propably when getting divorced in early 90's ? Or then it was lost when moving back to my orginal childhood and current home.

Why to buy this over 50 years old Harting record player now when all the music can be listened to on web, on cds and dvds etc ? I just remembered the name of the manufacturer, Harting and of course searched for it on web. Found the above photo from Germany, on, it was just sold for Euros 7,50 + delivery cost Euro 7. Plattenspieler-Wilhelm-Harting-Model-G7JY1Q.

I am willing to pay Euro 50 + Euro 10 extra for the delivery to FINLAND !!!! I still have a few hundreds of those singles from 60's, 70's and 80's and I love old memories and old music...
Offers and details to Raimo Kaarna, Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND.

That was my really fine stereo record player and radio from the 60's to 90's, also it is German made BRAUN Audio 1 TC 40. One is for sale from UK in eBay, the price now GBP 699 = EUR 882. Remember having picked it back to my own collections after 1992 divorce but could not find it today.

Have got some 600+ LPs from the 60's 70's and 80's, usually play them on my Sharp Optonica electronic disk processor RP-9100 and the stereos from year 1981...

The below Happy New Year cards are over 100 years old, they are from 1907, 1912 and 1925.
All were addressed to the sister of my own grandmother...

Collecting something else ???